Extremely detailed prints

Getting the most detail possible from our prints is always our absolute mission. We believe in making artwork you can wear. The picture above is an actual shirt coming off our machines post production.


State of the art machines

Making fishing clothing requires machines that work as hard as we do. Utilizing state of the art machines is something we don’t take for granted. Ever.


Bring the heat

A key part of the process is how you dry the inks on the shirts that allow them to bring out the highest detail possible. One of our trusty dryers ready as always.


Pushing design limits

Unlike mainstream companies, we don’t release designs once or twice a year and then sit back and push to sell. We are always coming up with new designs and releasing them.


Ready to roll

Without you we would be nothing and we understand that. We work insanely hard to do what we do, but without people like you we would not exist. That’s not something we take lightly.


Can't stop, won't stop

Another design the crew nailed. The entire team here at FISHBUM is always pushing limits to bring you the best fishing clothing on the planet earth. One design at a time.


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