Matt Rimmer
Founder - Marketing - Design - Janitorial Services

Matt founded FISHBUM in late 2011 and started the company from the basement of his house after leaving a corporate marketing job. ” I left the corporate race as a marketing / design guy, and always wanted to start a fishing company. I’m pretty sure everybody in my life thought I was a mental patient when I set out to accomplish FISHBUM. ”

Matt’s days consist of designing everything FISHBUM has to offer, including all the marketing material. ” My days are usually pretty long, but I really would have it no other way. I’m a self admitted workaholic ”

When not designing for FISHBUM, Matt spends his time designing for his other 2 companies Monster Stalker – a hunting line of clothing and Archerybum, which is new to the family and a real passion of Matt’s. ” I love archery. It was something I picked up a while back and could not stop. There is something about watching an arrow fly through the air and hitting what you were aiming at that literally brings me to my knees with excitement ” But Matt is quick to point out that fishing plays a very large role in his life. ” I don’t know what I would do without fishing in my life. It really balances me out in a world where we constantly find ourselves needing it ”

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Natalie Pearson
Classical Artist

Natalie started with FISHBUM in 2014 when she ran into Matt at a trade show. ” I was drawing a human skull for a client of mine when Matt looked over and saw what I was doing. He approached me and asked me if I would consider coming to work at FISHBUM full time as an artist. ” It wasn’t long after that conversation did Natalie join the team and hasn’t looked back since.

Classically trained with a masters degree in drawing medical art, Natalie quickly made herself and extremely valuable member of the team ” I get to wake up and draw for a living which is something I always wanted to do. When I am done with a drawing I will typically give it to Matt where he will then turn it into what you see all over the site. We work well together. ”

As it stands you can see Natalie’s artwork all over the place at FISHBUM. From decals to apparel Natalie’s talent is truly out of this world. ” With a natural born gift to pick up a pencil and draw at her skill level is not something you see everyday, it’s quite remarkable. ”

When she is not drawing Natalie enjoys spending time outdoors and anything to do with nature. From photography to hiking, if it involves being outside she is more than game!

Yvonne Lamoureux
Jr Designer / Customer Services / Inventory / Shipping

Having been with FISHBUM from almost day 1, there really isn’t a job here that Yvonne has not touched in one way or another. Recently she started in a position of Jr designer and is loving the new position. ” Because we are a family and friend run business, there isn’t anything I have not done work wise here. I have always been an artistic person and when Matt asked me if I wanted to take my ideas and learn how to make them happen I jumped at the opportunity. ”

Amongst her new design role, Yvonne can still be found all over the company from the shipping department to inventory and is not a stranger to helping with customer service. ” When you run a company like we do, it’s important to have all hands on deck at all times. That usually means your constantly doing 4 or 5 things at one time, and helping out where you can. ”

When she is not doing a million things at FISHBUM, Yvonne enjoys hanging out with girlfriends over glasses of wine. ” It’s wine, who isn’t a fan ?!? and let’s face it … after some days there is nothing more enjoyable than good friends and wine.”

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Lindsey Hebel
Sales / Customer Service / Shipping / Manufacturing

Lindsey’s start with the company came by way of manufacturing. ” I started with FISHBUM a few years ago and jumped into manufacturing with Tyler. I didn’t know a thing about making fishing clothing but that quickly changed.” Putting in extremely long hours to learn quickly was not something Lindsey was afraid of. ” I loved it from the start! It was really cool to be able to learn the entire process from the start. Quality and detail are things we really focus on here and those points I took very serious. ”

After a few years in manufacturing as orders became more and more frequent the need for Lindsey to jump into other roles became very apparent. ” She is one of those people that can literally do anything. She is great with people so sales became natural, but is also someone that customers really love so it was a no brainer ” said Matt when asked about her roles in the company.

Besides wearing a multitude of hats at FISHBUM Lindsey can often be found as one of the girls sharing wine with Yvonne. ” We clicked immediately. ” Fishing, shooting, hunting & drinking are all things that are readily found on Lindsey’s timetable, not necessarily in that order!

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Tyler Rimmer

At the helm on the manufacturing side of the business is Tyler. Being Matt’s brother, coming to work at FISHBUM was a natural progression. But running the manufacturing side was not. ” We had never made a t-shirt in our lives when we decided to start making our OWN clothing. ” Instead of designing and subbing out the work to other screen printers FISHBUM decided it was time to purchase all the equipment needed to do it themselves.

” I will never forget the day they dropped all the equipment off and we ( Matt and I ) looked at each other with a complete sense of Ohhh man, what have we done! ” But that sense pushed the team to figure it out and not settle until they had perfected the process of making the art look incredible. ” Sure, we may have practically lived in the shop for 12 months, but it was what brought us to what we can do today. Our prints are 2nd to none, and that is something I am very proud of ”

When Tyler is not making the FISHBUM clothing, he is generally on a lake somewhere with a rod in hand. ” I absolutely could not live without fishing. I think about it night and day, it’s my passion for sure ” You can follow Tyler on Facebook by clicking here:

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Jennifer Fullard
Customer Service

Customer service is a really important thing to us at FISHBUM. While we do understand life happens, we are constantly trying to make your experience with us a great one, and thus enter Jenn Fullard. Being friends with several members of the FISHBUM team Jenn jumped onboard to tackle all things customer service related. ” I enjoy talking to people, and trying to help them when things have gone wrong ” And she does a bang-up job in that regard.

” Keeping customers happy running an online retailer is not always the easiest thing on the planet. People don’t actually feel like there is someone behind the computer screen that cares about their orders, that’s where I come in and try to make that experience a great one for them. ”

Other than doing all things customer service for FISHBUM, Jenn’s love for fishing knows no bounds. She is a very active member of her B.A.S.S club and enjoys spending as much time on the water as humanly possible. When not fishing Jenn also has a love of rocks, something that she has collected since she was a child. ” It started when my parents went away on a trip and brought me back some very rare and beautiful rocks. ” And with that said, we think SHE rocks!

Cliff Van Kempen
Head of Field & Promotional Staff

On top of having a very regal name, Cliff Van Kempen’s love for fishing literally comes out in everything Cliff does. As host of the One More Cast podcast ( Available on iTunes and Cliff spends every waking moment with fishing on the brain. ” It’s something that has been in my life for as long as I can remember. It becomes a part of you like any other body part. ”

Cliff was brought onto the team by Matt when the two high school friends re-united. ” Cliff has always been someone who’s passion for fishing and overall friendliness stood out to me. Even in high school when most teenage boys are busy trying to be tough guys and throw their weight around Cliff was above that. ” said Matt when asked about knowing Cliff since high school.

When Cliff isn’t thinking about fishing, or fishing itself he can usually be found around comedy. ” I used to manage a comedy club, and met some really funny people over the years. And let’s face it … who doesn’t like to laugh and have a good time !? ”

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