Real people. Real drawings.

We stop at nothing at FISHBUM to deliver quality into what we do. Sure, we COULD just use random images to make clothing but that is not what we do. That is not who we are. Every single design has been drawn by our world renowned artists to achieve the ultimate goal of extremely detailed artwork that you can wear while doing what you love to do – fish.

We are not just a fishing clothing company owned by some huge umbrella corporation. We are anglers just like you who took our absolute love of fishing and turned it into our careers. We work hard for you because you support everything we do. And that is not something that we take lightly here. You spend your hard earned money on our stuff, so we make very sure we work just as hard to deliver your money’s worth!

Drawing time vs graphic design time

From brainstorming the fish to a finished, fully drawn piece takes roughly 10 days from start to finish. But the fun doesn’t stop there. At that point the new piece of artwork starts it’s journey to finally becoming what it was meant to be from the start – fishing clothing.

Once the drawing of off the art table, it gets scanned into our computers at roughly 9600 DPI ( Dots per inch ). At this point if the fish is supposed to be colour the graphic design team starts adding colour(s) and bringing the fish to life.

We have 2 goals when bringing our fish to life. One, we want our fish to tell a story, and the life of a fish can’t be easy. And two, make the fish have personality. We achieve this goal by using graphic design techniques proprietary to us here at FISHBUM.

From pencil to fishing clothing

After about 3 weeks of revisions, alterations, graphic design, and marketing the original artwork has gone from an idea in our heads through our manufacturing to come out a wearable piece of fishing artwork.  This process has been refined over the last 6 years to a science so that we may continue to come out with designs on a regular basis.

With countless species of fish, our goal is to work through both fresh & saltwater delivering all anglers fishing clothing they can be proud of. We take what we do here very seriously. Anyone can come up with quick logo’s and plaster them all over clothing – but we truly believe in the art process. Anyone can wear a logo, but through the incredible skill of our artists we are able to bring that to a whole other level.


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