For the 14th billion time … we will repeat ourselves! We KNOW you work insanely hard for your money, and it’s about time a company rewarded you with REAL things when you spend that money with them!

When you order any shirt, hoodie, jacket … really anything over $29.95 you will receive a free HIGH RESOLUTION ( 9600 DPI ) piece of artwork with your order. Yep. You heard that right, absolutely free!

How do we choose which piece of artwork to send ?? Well, thats pretty easy … when you purchase a bass shirt, we will pair it with some bass artwork. If you choose a bass shirt, and a salmon shirt – it will be like a giant game of artwork roulette ! But trust us, we do our best to send you artwork that accompanies your purchase, and we can absolutely guarantee you will LOVE what we send you!

Here are some common questions and answers to help you out!

Question : ” How good is the quality ?? ”
Answer : ” Our artwork is printed on thick, museum grade card stock paper. This means it is much thicker than a piece of paper. Think hockey or baseball card type thickness. Our artwork is printed at a MINIMUM of 9600 DPI. DPI stands for ” dots per inch ” .. so there are 9600 dots in every inch of the artwork. This leads to insanely high quality prints.

Question : ” What size is the artwork ”
Answer : ” 8.5 x 11 ”

Question : ” Does the artwork come framed ? ”
Answer : ” The artwork does not come framed. We don’t know the decor of your house or man cave. The framing is up to you. But we can assure you that you ARE going to want to frame it! ”

Question : ” If I ordered a shirt last week, and you sent me a piece of artwork … and I placed another order today would you send me a different piece of artwork ? ”
Answer : ” Yeppers! Every single order get’s a free piece of artwork provided the order total is over $29.95 “


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