Who is FISHBUM ®? Well, the short answer are a bunch of like minded entrepreneurs who couldn’t stop thinking about fishing! We came from all walks of the business world, where one thing remained in common – it didn’t matter WHERE we worked, all our time was consumed with thinking about fishing. When we should have been thinking about what our CEO’s were saying in a thursday board meeting – our minds were drifting away to some river or lake pondering if we should throw top water or rig up a drop-shot setup.

It wasn’t long before we realized the only way we could ever get to actually work in the fishing industry, was to walk away from our cushy jobs and risk everything. Sure, it wasn’t exactly EASY telling our wives, and loved ones that we had quit our jobs to open up a fishing clothing company … and when we say “it wasn’t easy” what we REALLY mean is you have no IDEA how hard it is to dodge a toaster while trying to explain your vision to someone. BUT as time went on, our dedication to the cause prevailed. One customer lead to two, two lead to three, and so on and so forth.

Today, FISHBUM ® remains strongly at the forefront of the fishing apparel business. Constantly pushing boundaries, we continue to try and re-invent, not only the business – but ourselves in a continued effort to remain visionaries.

We also thank GOD our wives and girlfriends had the compassion to not throw us all out when we came to them with this idea. So really, we owe it all to them!

– Team FISHBUM ®


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