There are quite literally thousands of professional anglers in the world. North America alone harbours more than we could count, let alone across the globe. When Pete and Rob came on board with FISHBUM 4 years ago, we could not have asked for a better representation on the tournament level than with these two anglers. Literally driving thousands and thousands of miles between to two of them, competing in tournaments – they quite literally embody everything we look for at FISHBUM.

On top of tournament wins, and podium finishes, one thing stands out more than anything. Both Pete and Rob spend COUNTLESS hours giving back to the fishing industry. Be it taking on charities and teaching people to fish, or helping fishing clubs and various other organizations with knowledge – the passion they show, and continue to show is second to none.

For us here at FISHBUM, the podium finishes and tournament wins falls a distant second the mentioned above. The countless people that they have touched and helped along the way is the reason FISHBUM stands behind both Pete and Rob. So heres to you boys … may the lakes continue to be as calm as glass.


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