We hate the word “Pro Staff”. Hear us out. What is a Professional ? By definition, it is someone who gets paid to preform a duty. That being said … does that make someone a “Pro Sandwich Maker” if they work at Subway ? Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t. But the premise BEHIND pro staff in fishing drives us mental. There are very, VERY few anglers out there who can call themselves “Pro”. And the truth of the matter is : it’s not all the glamour that – from the outside – it is perceived to be. The truth?  Pro’s at times have lived in their trucks as they travel from tournament to tournament. They have sacrificed time with family and friends, they have eaten bad takeout food day after day. Etc, Etc, Etc …. They have paid the price. They have paid the piper to receive the honour of being called “Professional”.

Our field staff are anglers who display great talent, along with spending countless hours in pursuit of fish. They are the hardcore. The kind of people you want to share a beer with and swap fishing tales with. The kind of people when the weather turns from bad to worse, they stick it out because the bite will be back on when it all blows over!

While some of them may peruse trophies and glory, others may choose to solitude of countless hours on a lake or river stalking fish. The people who are on our field staff live the life of a FISHBUM. They are FISHBUMs. Without fishing in their lives, life would be nothing short of boring ( I mean who REALLY wants to have crafts as a hobby ?!?! ) Our field staff represent the meaning of FISHBUM, and carry themselves in a way that bestows the vision of our company on the world. So without further ado … we give you our proud FISHBUM Field Staff :


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