Common Questions ... in plain english!

Over time we have compiled a list of common questions we get asked regularly and documented them below for you!

How does your clothing fit ?

Our jerseys, jackets and dye sublimated hoodies fit ONE size LARGER then normal.  If you normally wear a large you should go with our medium, and if you normally wear a medium our small will fit you, etc etc. Our most common exchanges are on dye sublimated products. We size larger than normal with our dye sublimated items because many people use them in “layering” and we were asked time and time again to make them a little bigger. It is EXTREMELY rare that someone exchanges a dye sublimated product for a larger size. 99% of the time, it is for a smaller size.

Dye sublimated T-shirts fit fairly normal, again because you are typically not going to layer with t-shirts ( And if you DO walk around wearing 2 or 3 t-shirts at a time, we are not judging you … maybe a little … )

Are your decals fade resistant & waterproof ?

Yep! We know they are going to typically end up on your truck, car or boat so our decals are made using the highest quality 3M product out there to help you along the way!

Does your clothing shrink when washed ?

They don’t! Our clothing is all pre-shrunk and good to go from the time you get them. Nobody likes getting clothing that is going to shrink on you … so we took care of that from the start!

Are your fishing jerseys SPF ?

They sure are! On top of being SPF 40, they are made of an ultra, ultra light material that allows you to stay COMPLETELY cool as if you were wearing nothing at all. The whole point of a fishing jersey is to protect yourself from the sun, and not overheat while doing so. We have spent years perfecting this process, and are glad to say we have!

Are the FISHBUM Nightcrawlers soft ?

Very soft. We spent a lot of time working with anglers from all over the planet getting the formula just right. On top of being soft, they are also JAM PACKED with salt and scent to give you the best possible chance when put in front of that fish. As anglers ourselves, if we wouldn’t use it we would never expect you to!

My jacket seems like its taking forever to get here!

Our jackets sell incredibly fast … but the truth is we ALWAYS have more arriving in stock. Our turnover rate for getting new stock is never longer than 21 days … so we promise you it’s on the way, and we can ABSOLUTELY assure you that when you see it, it will blow your mind!


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